Privacy Policy

Website Cookies

To make our website work properly, we may place small data files called cookies on your device. When you first visit one of our websites you'll be prompted to accept or refuse cookies. You can update your preferences at any time.

Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics to collect analytics data. An up-to-date list of the cookies set by the service can be found in the Google Analytics documentation. Analytics cookies are used purely for internal research. They simply assess how you interact with our website as an anonymous user (the data gathered doesn't identify you personally) and aren't used for any other purpose.


Guntastic is a video game developed and published by Ludicrous Games. We are committed to protect the privacy of our players. This document will help you identify what data we're collecting while you're playing and how it's being used. For any questions please get in touch.

What information is collected?

We – or the companies we've partnered with – may collect the following information:

Data is collected anonymously in a way that doesn't allow us to identify the player. All collected data is exclusively used as part of the development process and won't ever be sold to any third party.

Windows and Mac (Steam)

No data is collected on these platforms.

Xbox One

Microsoft PlayFab is used on this platform in order to support online multiplayer. The service may track, among others, session frequency and duration and device information. Collected data is stored on servers handled by Microsoft. You can find out more on their privacy policy.